In 1980, Jill Ayn Schneider had the privelege of studying Barefoot Shiatsu with Mr. Ralph Ashodian,  Master of Barefoot Shiatsu and a Tai Chi Master as well, in Newberry, FL. Jill easily mastered this Japanese technique seriously and since then has been practicing her art and science with great precision. Jill went on to study with Shizuko Yamamoto, the Japanese woman who brought this technique to the West. 

Jill has been a Licensed Massage Therapist since 1987. (FL #9313) Over these many years, Jill has had as few very famous clients for Barefoot Shiatsu. Mr. Bo Diddley (1982-2006), Mr. Robin Williams (1995, while filming The Birdcage) and Mr. Horace Grant (Chicago Bulls,1995), to name a few.

What is Barefoot Shiatsu?slideshow

Barefoot Shiatsu is an Oriental massage technique, addressing the energy flow of the whole body. The practitioner applies pressure mostly with the feet to stimulate the meridian flow which can release tension, discomfort and pain in tissues and muscles. Jill will also utilize knees, elbows and hands. Massaging with the whole body and utilizing balance and body weight allows Jill to give a deep nurturing massage without strain and having four arms instead of two.

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