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Recent Testimonials about Jill Ayn Schneider, Director of Circle of Life.

For anyone looking to transform their health and their thinking, Jill Schneider is a gift from heaven. Jill understands what it takes to maintain or recover good health. She has a wealth of knowledge and experience and can lead you to the promised land of health and well being. Jill has walked the walk.She is a cancer survivor through a holistic approach that avoided the poisons and mutilation of conventional medicine. Frankly, she knows far more than most doctors I have known about wellness.

Her office is the sundrenched beach of Delray Beach, Florida. I encouraged anyone who wants to change their life and get healthy to contact this spectacular person for a consultation. Sincerely, G. Dino Tolias DDS 11/16.


Dear Jill,
I came across your video with Chris Wark on the internet. After watching your interview with him, I was so inspired and decided to reach out to you and call. During our conversation, I was blown away at your willingness to help orhers and how you embody the mind, body and spirit while encouraging, supporting and coaching others in their detox and healing journey. So many people can benefit what you have to offer and your consultations are reasonbly priced. I would encourage anyone diagnosed with cancer to seek you out and embark on your program before they succumb to conventional medicine.

Our bodies are created to heal on their own if we just get out of the way and give it what needs. You provide the tools to help those that want to choose a more holistic and natural approach in helping the body heal. I highly recommend you.
With sincerest regards, Corrine (Kansas City) 5/17



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