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Fasting and detox, just like sleep, is required for a long life of health and vitality! The body has to rest from continuous eating and digestion. Let me help you feel better. Call Jill today!


After being guided through a simple detox cleanse using fresh organic juices, green smoothies, teas and broths....you will be shown how to design and create your own personal eating plan of high energy nutrition; organic and locally grown raw fruits and vegetables, fresh juices, nuts and seeds, gluten-free non-GMO grains, steamed greens, organic animal foods in small quantities, etc., all with flexibility for your social life. 


Juice Fasting Retreat Jill Ayn Schneider, Fasting Expert Phone/Skype Coaching

Contact Today: jillaynschneider@gmail.com


Jill is dedicated to exceptional standards of health and nutrition, and has been an ardent provider of holistic modalities for achieving health for over thirty years. Jill creatively combines an array of talents and knowledge bases that allow her to both educate and provide treatments for greater health for many people of all ages. As a self healed survivor of cervical cancer, she has a great respect and understanding for the healing potential of the human body. Her retreats include individualized massage therapy, exceptional juice fasting, and nutritional regimens in a variety of beautiful settings. Her clients have enjoyed joining her in Mexico and Italy for detoxification retreats. She is also available for individual therapy.

So, I am honored to write a recommendation for this individual! May 5, 2012 Diana Dyer, Certified Nurse Practitioner, Holistic Woman


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